Tips On How To Improve Memory

A good memory and clear thinking can help  you go along way in this day and age. There are several things that effect your memory, but the major ones are the health and vitality of your brain. Staying sharp is very important and will help accomplish tasks more effectively. It is therefore very important to know how to improve your memory.

There have been lots of debates about improving memory and scientists have proved that when it comes to memory, age is simply not a barrier anymore.The human brain has an amazing ability to adapt to any changes regardless of the age of the individual. This ability, referred to in the medical world as neuroplasticity, enables the brain to constantly establish new pathways , change the existing ones and even change pathways dynamically. This ability of the brain occurs all the time but is boosted when you are learning and utilizing your memory. You can take advantage of this neuroplasticity to enhance your perceptive abilities, the capacity to learn new things and even improve memory.

Below are some tips on how to improve memory.

Workout Your Brain

Improve Memory

By the time someone reaches adulthood the brain will have developed thousands of neural pathways that aid the person in recalling information effectively, solving some of the more common issues and accomplishing usual tasks with no need for any mental strain. This means that that if you continue sticking to your normal routines you do not allow your brain the exposure it needs to new situations which then allow it to grow and develop. Memory can be compared to muscular strength in the sense that you have the option of either using it or losing it. It is therefore important to give your brain a workout more often so you can process information better. The ideal workout activities for your brain are ones that challenge it and stretch it to establish new pathways and synapses. It is worth noting that brain workouts need to have some specific aspects if they are to be any help to you.They need to be ones that teach something new, challenge you, be something you can build on and also be rewarding. These four elements are very important, and they define a perfect brain workout which is a great way to improve memory.

Take Part in Physical Exercises

Although we know mental exercise helps in the brains development, physical exercise is also important. Physical exercise helps your brain remain sharp as it boosts the oxygen supply to the brain. Exercise also leads to other chemicals and endorphin’s being released  into the brain which helps decrease stress levels. In summary exercise increase neuroplasticity  while fueling the establishment of new neuronal avenues. The best exercise are aerobic based  as they help circulate the blood throughout your brain and body and improve memory.

Get Enough SleepImprove Memory

Sleep is a very important ingredient to help improve memory. It is important to know how much sleep you need to function perfectly. It has been established that most adults need around seven to nine hours sleep a night. Missing a few hours of sleep can definitely impact a couple of the brain functions such as memory and creativity.

The way sleep helps the memory is that research shows that sleep consolidates the memory  and also most of the memory boosting activity happens during deep sleep. It is therefore important to make sure you set a regular sleep pattern and also cut down of caffeine before retiring for the night to ensure you get a great nights sleep.

Make Time For Friendships.

Research has shown that living a life full of friends has many benefits. Humans are social beings and interaction with others helps give the brain a perfect boost which can help improve memory.

Keep Stress Away

Stress is not good for the brain and it has been proved that over time stress can kill brain cells and have a damaging effect on the hippocampus, which is the section of the brain that is is tasked with formation of new memories and retrieving the old ones. There are several stress management tips you can follow which will help you manage your stress better. Some of the easier ones include setting realistic achievable goals, expressing your feelings and setting a balance between work and leisure time.

Brain-Boosting Diet to Improve Memory

The brain, like all other parts of the body, needs fuel to grow and to function properly. A normal balanced and healthy diet that consists of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean protein has several benefits to the brain including to help improve the memory. There are several foods that contain nutrients and components that are specifically good for the brain and memory. Things such as certain seafoods are rich in omega3 fatty acids, and these acids are directly beneficial to the brain.

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