"I forgot". That is an increasingly common response in a world that has become too reliant on digital media to keep track of important information. Do you actually know your best friend's phone number or do you just rely on pressing his name on your smartphone? It is important to exercise your memory or it [...]

If you wish to have a healthy mind you need to keep your brain exercised properly. Brain exercises are the different activities that you can do to help keep your brain active all the time. There are many different types of brain exercises. You can consider all the activities that keep the brain engaged in the [...]

The ability to learn, retain information and focus are all important cognitive functions of the brain that can be boosted through the use of natural brain supplements. Including the following supplements in your daily diet can stimulate brain function: Caffeine is a great way to increase alertness allowing the brain to operate at a higher [...]

Few drugs are known to have some level of effect in the area of improving cognition. The drugs are called Nootropics. Research on most the existing drugs is still ongoing to ensure that they are all-rounded for their exact purpose. The most common drug, in fact, a class of drugs that comes close to have [...]