Brain Exercises – 15 Most Effective

If you wish to have a healthy mind you need to keep your brain exercised properly. Brain exercises are the different activities that you can do to help keep your brain active all the time.

There are many different types of brain exercises. You can consider all the activities that keep the brain engaged in the positive sense as a good brain workout.

The following are the top 15 brain exercises that you can use to boost your mental well-being.

1. Meditationmeditation2

Meditation is simply the art of clearing your mind of various issues while focusing of a particular matter. It is also the process of contemplating on a particular subject or series of subjects to draw the necessary conclusions. Your brain is the center of all mental activities including meditation. Once you meditate, you are habitually working out your brain for better efficiency.

2. Reading

Reading provides an important brain exercise that you must never underestimate. Reading helps to keep the brain alive and active all the time. Once you engage in constant reading, the brain is always figuring out the meaning of what you are reading. When you read avidly, you will improve your level of understanding. However, you need to be cautious about the kinds of novels and books that you read.

3. Writing

Writing provides an excellent workout for the brain. In most instances, creative writing is usually the best kind of endeavor for keeping your brain busy. If you use the computer to write then your brain exercises level will definitely improve. This is because the brain works faster when you type on the keyboard while thinking about the words you are putting down. The more the words you write every day, the more active your brain becomes in dealing with these issues.

4. Research

Engaging in research activities is yet another way to get your brain exercised. When you are researching a topic, your brain is always very alive and active. If you are doing your research in the library then you will find out that the brain is always looking for the proper thing to choose. A similar scenario occurs when conducting research online. When you do any kind of research, the brain is always at work.

5. Brain Stimulation

Stimulation of the brain is the process of arousing the brain to handle different issues successfully. To achieve the best brain stimulation, you should use brainteasers and other quizzes which are great brain exercises.

6. Testing Your Recall

Prepare a list of things to do, grocery items, or whatever else that comes to mind and memorize it. After about one hour or so, try to see just how many items you can remember. For the best mental stimulation, make the variety of items on the list as challenging as possible.

7. Music

Music helps exercise the brain

Music helps exercise the brain

Join a choir or learn how to play a musical instrument. Studies reveal that if you learn something new and complex over an extended period then it provides an ideal workout for the brain and is great for an ageing mind.

8. Doing Math In Your Head

Doing mental mathematics provides some great brain exercises. Figure out the solutions to math problems without use of a computer, paper, or pencil/pen. If you wish to take this even a notch higher, you can try solving the problems while you walk.

9. Taking A Cooking Class

Learning how to cook is probably an interesting inclusion in this list. However, the reality is that cooking does make use of several senses: taste, touch, sight, and smell. All these senses involve different parts of the brain. This means that if you engage them all as you do when cooking you are providing an excellent workout for your brain.

10. Learning A Foreign Language

Learning how to speak a foreign language also provides an excellent work out for your brain. The hearing and listening involved in learning a new language helps stimulate the brain. In addition, having a rich vocabulary has been linked to a reduced risk of cognitive decline.

11. Creating Word Pictures

In your head, you need to try to visualize the spelling of a word and then try to think of other words that end or begin with the same two letters. This provides an excellent workout for your brain and not to mention is a lot of fun too.

12. Drawing A Map From Memory

Drawing a map from memory will provide an excellent workout for your brain. Once you return from visiting a new place, try to draw a map of the area. To help you with this process, assume that you are providing someone with directions to the place. Repeat these brain exercises every time you visit somewhere new.

13. Challenging Your Taste Buds

Challenging your taste buds is another great exercise for your brain that is a lot of fun too. When you are eating, try to identify the individual meal ingredients including those spices and herbs. To make the workout even more challenging, try doing it for foods that you have never eaten before.

14. Refining Your Hand-Eye Abilities

Refining your hand-eye abilities provides a great workout for the brain because it is quite involved Take up a new hobby that involves use of the fine-motor skills, such as painting, drawing, knitting, etc.

15. Learning A New Sport

Learning how to play a new sport provides a great workout for both your body and mind. Take up a new athletic exercise that uses both body and mind such as tennis, golf, or yoga.

In conclusion, this has been a discussion about the 15 most effective brain exercises. However, you need to understand that for them to be effective you have to do them regularly. If you make them part of your daily life then you will achieve exceptional results. In addition, you will need to follow a proper diet to keep the brain active and alive all the time.

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